Whistle Telugu Movie

Whistle Telugu MovieMichel(Vijay) is the local messiah of the masses and often helps the poor. He has many enemies and who keep targeting him often. One fine day, Michel’s friend who is a ladies’ football coach gets badly injured and Michel is left to lead the side as a new coach. But the twist in the tale aries when the ladies in the team strictly do not want him as their coach.

Directed and written by: Atlee Kumar
Starring by: Nayanthara, Joseph Vijay, Jackie Shroff
Genres: Action, Drama, Sport
Country: India
Language: Telugu

Whistle Telugu Movie Review:
Whistle hopefully heralds a sign of things to come, a time where the star gets to have their big moment on-screen without compromising on the storytelling. Especially if said star is a mass hero.

Vijay is Michael, a football player who had to give up his passion due to a personal tragedy that is a result of violence that surrounds his life. The same violence however later offers him an opportunity to get his life back on track when his friend, the coach of a women’s football team, gets injured and he has to step in. The team is made up of underprivileged women and Michael takes it upon himself to make all their dreams come true, not to mention that of his father (Vijay, again), a golden-hearted don who saw sports as a means of social upliftment.