Vadaladu Telugu Movie

Jagan(Siddharth) is a food safety officer who becomes a pain for several business people. He falls in love with a school teacher Jyothi(Catherine Tresa) and when everything seems to be going fine, all those business people who got busted through Jagan start dying one after the other.

Directed by: Sai Sekar
Starring by: Siddharth Narayan, Catherine Tresa, Kabir Duhan
Genres: Action, Thriller
Country: India
Language: Telugu

Vadaladu Telugu Movie Review:
The basic concept of food safety and how people are suffering from food poisoning looks good. Also, the way the love story is interlaced in the storyline is pretty interesting. Hero Siddharth does a neat job as a food inspector. He is always sincere towards his roles and once again showcases good emotions. His emotions during crunch horror scenes are pretty good.

Catherine Tresa does her wonderfully and is one of the biggest assets of the film. She looks simple and emoted well in all the horror and emotional scenes with a lot of aplomb. Kabir Singh was awesome as the bad guy in the film. Satish and other actors gave their best. The way the food industry operates and how bad food products are recycled has been showcased in a stunning manner.