Thoota Telugu Movie

Thoota Telugu MovieMovie start with Raghu a Btech student falls in love with Lekha who comes to his college for her films shoot. On the other hand Lekha is an orphan who is being taken care of by her wicked uncle Setu Veera Swamy. After a point Lekha runs away with Raghu and starts living happily. This does not go well with Veera Swamy and he causes a right between the couple and separates them. After four years, Lekha is found in Mumbai and is saved by Raghu’s brother Guru.

Directed and written by: Goutham Vasudev Menon
Starring by: Dhanush, Megha Akash, M. Sasikumar
Genres: Action, Romance, Thriller
Country: India
Language: Telugu

Thoota Story: A college student is in a relationship with an actress but has to let her go due to her gangster guardian. What happens when she comes back into his life with news of his estranged brother?

Thoota Review: The initial promos of Thoota feel nostalgic due to their similarity to Gautham Vasudev Menon’s Sahasam Swasaga Sagipo (SSS). After you watch the film, the feeling doesn’t go away, especially due to the same trope of having a daring young man and a damsel in distress.

The daring youngster here is Raghu (Dhanush, who nails his role), from an affluent family in Rajahmundry studying in a nearby city. When Raghu sees Lekha (Megha Akash, pretty but feeble), an actress shooting at his college, it is love at first sight. She is a debutant under the control of Kumar (Senthil Veeraswamy), someone who has connections with gangsters. Even as Raghu tries his best to shield Lekha from him, she chooses to go with Kumar due to circumstances. Four years later, she walks back into his life with news of his estranged brother Guru (Sasikumar), who’s in trouble. Raghu is now pushed into a violent world filled with dirty cops and gangsters. Can he dodge the bullets and save his girl while at it?