Thipparaa Meesam Telugu Movie

Thipparaa Meesam Telugu MovieMovie is about Mani is a DJ by profession who hates his mother. Whenever he gets into trouble, he demands money from her. At a point, things become so serious that he demands 40 lakhs from her. When she fails to pay him the amount, he files a case on her.

Directed by: Krishna Vijay
Starring by: Sri Vishnu, Nikki Tamboli, Rohini
Genres: Action, Romance
Country: India
Language: Telugu

Thipparaa Meesam Telugu Movie Review:
With Thipparaa Meesam, Krishna Vijay L starts off pretty strong. So strong that it almost feels like the director is aiming for an experimental film that will rise beyond the usual Telugu movie tropes. The fact that he chose to make a film that revolves around a troubled character is interesting. What’s not interesting is how apologetic he seems about his character’s roughness and the way he slowly goes about redeeming him in a predictable manner.

Mani (Sree Vishnu) is a DJ and a runaway child who despises his mother. Addicted to drugs and caring about money above all else, he likes to spend his time betting on cricket matches, trying to gain a quick buck by competing in illegal games and losing. There’s also his girlfriend Mounika (Nikki Tamboli), who’s picked and dropped like a hot potato, serving the purpose of being the last one to realise how troubled Mani really is. There are a lot of other characters too, but there’s Mani’s mother Lalita (Rohini), an independent, educated woman who keeps bearing her son’s shenanigans with the patience of a saint, balancing out his crazy. And while Krishna Vijay tries his best to explain what she sees in him that others don’t, the message just fails to come through.