Snehamera Jeevitham Telugu Movie

Movie story about two close friends Chalapathi and Mohan. When everything seems to be going well in their life, a small miscommunication leads to a major disturbance among the friends. Siva Balaji is also very good in his role as a daring and kind-hearted person. His screen presence and performance bring depth to the proceedings […]

Donga Telugu Movie

Story about Parvathy hopes her aggressive younger brother Saravanan would return home. Her politician father Gnanamoorthy, mother and grand mother too believe that the miracle may happen one day. But fate had other plans. Moorthy identifies Vicky a trickster and a tourist guide in Goa to be his son lost son and brings him home.

Jackpot Telugu Movie

Movie start with Jyotika whose character is presented like that of a mass hero in many scenes, easily fits into the role, while Revathy is equally convincing. The two of them appear in stylish costumes, dance for that mandatory intro song for mass heroes, utters punch lines and pull off some fight scenes, too.

Mamangam Telugu Movie

Movie story abut during the Mamankam festival held at the banks of Bharathapuzha in Tirunavaya the soldiers from various places used to come together to wager battle. For years the warriors known as Chaaverukal plot against the Zamorin rulers to overthrow them. Chandroth takes a lead and comes forward from this dynasty to kill the […]