Aaviri Telugu Movie

Aaviri Telugu MovieMovie is about Rajkumar Rao is a well established businessman who leads a happy life with his wife and kids. But sadly one of his kids dies of an Asthma attack and the other girl starts behaving in a weird manner by speaking with an invisible spirit.

Directed by: Ravi Babu
Starring by: Ravi Babu, Neha Chauhan, Sri Muktha Bharani
Genres: Comedy
Country: India
Language: Telugu

Aaviri Telugu Movie Review:
By now, if Ravi Babu is making a horror-thriller, you already know what it’s going to be like. There’s going to be everyday household objects that move on their own. A house that looks too good to be haunted. The home dwellers mystified beyond belief or completely ignorant to the hauntings. And of course, a creep whose actions lie at the core of the mystery (brownie points for whoever guesses the creep). Aaviri too unfortunately follows the same old template.

Raj (Ravi Babu) is a techie who’s too busy trying to merge his company with the Japanese. However, after experiencing something unforeseen, he begins to do his best to make time for his family. Even if it means leaving office in the middle of a meeting. His wife Leena (Neha Chauhan) is a stay-at-home mother who becomes overprotective of their child Munni (Sri Muktha), who suffers from asthma and as a consequence, has an allergy to nuts. The film begins with the child swimming, while gasping for breath and even as one wonders why an asthmatic child is being made to swim, the film answers it with very, on-the-nose dialogues. And this is how the rest of the film continues too – questions that are posed and answered with over-the-top scenes.