Venky Mama Telugu Movie

Venky Mama Telugu MovieStory about Military Naidu fights with his parents and brings his sisters son Karthik after her death. He becomes everything for Karthik takes care of him from childhood onwards. As time passes by Karthik falls in love with Haarika. This does not go well with her dad played by Rao Ramesh. He creates a small dispute between the Mama and Alludu and gets them divided. But the actual reason for Miltary Naidus rift with his Alludu is something else. Continue reading “Venky Mama Telugu Movie”

Prema Antha Easy Kadu Telugu Movie

Prema Antha Easy Kadu Telugu MovieKarthik loves Prema since childhood but his father admits him in a school far away. For some reason Karthik’s father has to take care of Prema. When Karthik returns, he starts pursuing his childhood love and his father is dead against it. Prema likes Karthik but acts differently. Continue reading “Prema Antha Easy Kadu Telugu Movie”

Whistle HDRip Telugu Movie

Whistle HDRip Telugu MovieMichel is the local messiah of the masses and often helps the poor. He has many enemies and who keep targeting him often. One fine day, Michel’s friend who is a ladies’ football coach gets badly injured and Michel is left to lead the side as a new coach. But the twist in the tale aries when the ladies in the team strictly do not want him as their coach. Continue reading “Whistle HDRip Telugu Movie”

Bilalpur Police Station Telugu Movie

Bilalpur Police Station Telugu MovieSurya who takes charge as SI of Bilalpur Police Station gets irritated on getting petty cases. Finally he faces challenge while investigating a bank robbery and a missing girl’s case. Surya takes charge of Bilalpur Polie Station as a sub inspector. One fine day he gets a case of robbery and starts investigating the case. To his surprise another case of a missing girl gets registered in the same police station. Bilalpur Police Station is a Telugu movie starring Srinath Maganti and Saanve Meghna in prominent roles. It is an action drama directed by Naga Sai Makam. Continue reading “Bilalpur Police Station Telugu Movie”